How does SocialReacher work?

Invite Your Employees and Collaborators

Your employees know your company from within and are the best advocates for your brand on social media, but first they need to register.

To invite them is easy: You can add their email addresses one by one, or you can upload a file with all of the email addresses of those who you think should participate in your campaigns.

Once you have sent the invite, all you need to do is wait for them to register. Those you invite will only join your community and will only participate in your campaigns.

Start now!

Create your campaigns

Define the message that you want to communicate and the type of content that you want to distribute. Is it a press release or an infographic? A news article or a case study?

Select the social network where you want the content to be published: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn or Blogs.

Determine the criteria to identify the right employees and collaborators for your outreach campaign (age, gender, group, number of followers...) and specify the date and time when the content should be published.

Employees and collaborators who fit your criteria will instantly receive an email notification with a new campaign invite.

The time has come. Share the content!

Participating team members write their customized messages adapted to your specifications (suggested messaging, hashtags, images, links and videos).

Pre-approved messages will be scheduled for automatic publication on your desired social network, date and time.

Manage all active and pending campaigns from a central dashboard and view real-time statistics for each.

You can always go back and request changes or add new elements to campaigns after they have been launched.

Measure the Results

Access real-time analytics to help you optimize your social media and content strategy.

See what works and what doesn’t work with detailed social media engagement data.

We track all kinds of social metrics: retweets, likes, clicks, comments and views of your content.

Provide incentives

Show your employees and collaborators that you appreciate their efforts and use your imagination to reward their loyalty and ongoing support.

Identify your top-performing advocates and use the platform to manage and distribute rewards.

Surprise your top advocates with tickets to a concert or the movies, extra vacation days, bonuses or an employee of the month recognition.

The sky is the limit. But remember, an employee that receives incentives is twice as valuable!

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