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Empower Your Employees by ‘Ingaging’

What is “Ingaging”

“Ingaging” is a leadership philosophy introduced by Evan Hackel. It is based on empowering employees through active listening.  The “I” comes from Involvement, — involving the employees’ minds and emotions instead of simply telling them what needs to be done.

Ingagement vs Engagement

Ingagement goes one step beyond engagement and workplace motivation.  It takes advantage of the full potential of the employees and gives them the position of superheroes that they deserve.   Dynamics alone and motivational exercises are not enough.

By asking them what should be done and having a culture of active and honest listening, employees will get behind the common goal and make a major effort to achieve it.

Benefits of Ingaging

  1. A flow of innovative ideas and practices is produced which involves all the employees.
  2. Greater satisfaction and commitment to corporate values ​​and goals.
  3. Understanding of the vision and strategy of the company.
  4. Problems are solved much faster.
  5. Greater employee involvement and participation.
  6. Employees become brand ambassadors.

How you can be an “Ingaged” leader

A corporate culture is difficult to set up and to adopt.  Ingaging doesn’t require any extra effort on the part of the employees.  The effort is required by the leaders, who must carefully listen to and involve the rest of the company, so that they feel more a part of the company.

First of all, it easy for EVERYONE to be able to express their ideas and opinions.  Don’t focus on those that are bad ideas, because it might turn out that something can be used from those bad ideas.  Encourage your employees to try new things and to take on decision making power, even if they make a mistake.

And, keep the communication honest and transparent.  Ask for (and offer) help if you need it.

How we can help you

At SocialReacher, we involve the employees and collaborators in the corporate communication.  They have the power to communicate using their own social media networks. So, your message will reach new audiences through the words of your own employees, giving your message a unique kind of credibility.

Using our platform, one brand increased their visibility on social media by 4 times, and conversations on social networks increased by 20%.  

The way it works is very simple.  An administrator at the company connects their social networks and, if they want to communication a message using their employees, they send the employees the message using the platform.  The employees, who have also linked their accounts, receive the notification and share the message using their own words.  Afterwards, the administration can see the analytics, including the audience reach and any interactions, and the company can create incentives, encouraging even greater employee participation.

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