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Welcome to SocialReacher

Your collaborators are the best ambassadors of your brand. Give them a voice and let messages reach your audience through them. If your collaborators believe, the rest will, too.

That’s how things are! The new platform where your employees or collaborators are the influencers that give voice to your brand from the inside has arrived. Ask yourself, who knows your company better than they do?

We want to welcome you to this exclusive blog about our corporate communication tool, with the help of which your brand image in social networks will experience a very interesting growth.

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Like the idea? Of course you do! We are the platform with more social networks available so that your employees outstand as ambassadors of your brand, going beyond corporate social networks.

With Social Reacher, your employees become your collaborators. They are your most precious marketing tool, so make good use of it!

They are your best allies, and you know it! Send press releases through your employees, or make use of their social networks to promote the company on YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Instagram, Blogs, Vine and… Facebook!

How does that sound? After a preliminary management of the internal communication, your collaborators will talk for you and about you, i.e. the social networks of your collaborators will become an important part of your communication strategy.

Whatever they say will remain under your watching eye. What is more, the collaborators will receive generous compensations.

How? Through a compensation system to motivate your employees so that they publish content on social networks more willingly than ever.

It might be a dinner for free, an extra day free, or a Hawaiian hat! You choose how you want to greet your employees.

We welcome you once again and do not forget that your collaborators are the best ambassadors of your brand.

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