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Turn your employees into your brand ambassadors

Nowadays, there are more tools to help brands not only to gain recognition but also to transform their businesses into love brands. If you want this to happen, content must follow the communication line the brand wants to convey; and one of the most effective ways to achieve that is through employer branding.

Traditionally, the brand ambassador figure was related to influencers or media personalities that were part of the digital marketing strategy. But now, there is a rise in the use of this novel trend in human resources and communication departments inside companies. The main purpose is that the message is carried by the people that better know the company, the employees.


Benefits of employer branding

Through the employer branding, your employees can share your company news and contents naturally making the brand look attractive to external consumers or potential future customers, that is, they act as a spokesperson or ambassador between your company and the target audience.

One of the most important aspects when creating this type of communication is that worth of mouth is achieved giving the message a realistic approach and allowing users to trust the brand; Also, messages spread more efficiently by saving your time and enables you to reach a wider audience, sell more, and above all, save money on advertising strategies.

Turn your employees into brand ambassadors and discover all the benefits for your brand

By using the brand ambassador strategy, you can directly know which are the needs of your users, capture them, and transform your communication to make them feel interested in your service or products. However, getting your employees to talk about your brand naturally and spontaneously without reminding them may be a challenge. Luckily, some tools facilitate this process.

At SocialReacher we know that the company’s greatest asset is ambassadors. That is why, we are in charge of providing a tool that facilitates the entire brand ambassadors process to companies: a platform that brings together employees and brands to improve communication both internal and external and generate incentives.

What is social reacher?

The SocialReacher platform allows you to amplify the content published in social networks, create content and generate gamification, that is, give rewards to the most active collaborators in the program, producing a win-win for both employees and companies.

Also, one of the most innovative features on the platform is the possibility to carry out actions together with your collaborators. It allows the company to propose internal campaigns that are not only based on content sharing, but also download studies, increase engagement from external publications or any action that the company wants to propose to its employees.

How does SocialReacher work?

The platform also acquires the look&feel of the brand and allows a personalized experience for each client. It is 100% customizable, so that your ambassadors always feel in their comfort zone when publishing on their networks.

If you aspire to improve your presence on social networks and provide your consumers with a more loyal brand experience, and you do not work with this tool: What are you waiting for?

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