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The role of women in the digital world

In recent years we have been seeing how the way of life, work, studies, relationships have evolved. According to the latest estimates of the European Commission, in 2020 there will be a demand of 500,000 unfulfilled jobs within the technology sector, and the opportunity for growth of women in this area is very interesting.

We are going inside the ICT sector to learn more about the participation of men and women.

Situation of women in the digital sector

Unlike what happens in Europe, in Spain digital professionals in general have a lower weight in the labour market than in other sectors. And although this is a negative data for the sector in general, as far as differences between men and women are concerned, in Spain the gender gap in this sector is smaller than the European average, according to a study by DigitalES.

In 2017, the number of men in digital positions represented 5.2% while women represented 2%, a difference of 3.2 percentage points. If we look at Europe, the gender gap is 5.8 percentage points.



As we can see in the graph, in 2017 women represented 52.2% of university graduates in general. But if we look at technological studies, that figure drops to 18.6%. While only 16.5% of women technical profiles in the digital sector are working. But what does this tell us? It seems that the great problem of women’s access to the digital sector does not lie in the labour market itself, but in access to studies.

It is important that all the agents that form part of the ICT sector are aware that if we are able to adapt the studies to the needs of women, many more women will opt for this training and it will greatly facilitate their incorporation into the sector.

In Internet Republica have analyzed the profiles of women who are dedicated to the ICT sector within the agency and have concluded that they are an example of equal opportunities for men and women, enhancing individual skills.

In Spain there is still much to be done to achieve effective equality between men and women in the labour market not only in the technology sector but also in other sectors. To end the wage gap and the well-known “glass ceiling” it is important to understand the gender differences so that equal opportunities are truly effective. The incorporation of women, both in managerial positions as well as in middle or lower management positions, represents a very great growth opportunity for public and private enterprises.

Source: Digital ES


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