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The role of the CEO in social networks

In Spain and in many countries of the world, the CEO´s of the companies are quite reluctant to have presence in the social networks. In fact, the data go much further and show that at least 61% of the world’s top Fortune companies do not have a presence on social networks.

It is interesting to note that CEOs are losing opportunities to get in touch with their followers and, more importantly, with their potential customers.

Why should a CEO have a presence in social networks?

Beyond appearing nice to followers, it is interesting to be on social networks to defend the strategy of your company which will allow you to get away from criticism, can also humanize the brand and share the achievements of your team to customers and investors in a natural way.  It is also interesting to give notoriety to the SEO profile by the brand. The company’s social networking team can advise you and help you manage your profiles to become an opinion leader within your industry which will clearly enable you to influence in your company’s favor.

In addition, you can also highlight the opinion of other leaders present in social networks, or not, giving an image of current affairs and much broader worldview.  A good strategy to start working on the CEO profile is with employee advocacy tools. You can start by sharing the CEO’s messages on social networks among the company’s employees so that they can spread them through their social networks. This, in addition to providing greater visibility, will also ensure that the CEO profile gains credibility among the social network community.

Why don’t CEOs have a presence in social networks?

Once we have explained why it is interesting that the CEO of the company has presence in networks, we see why many of them do not have it. To begin with, in many cases it is due to a generational motive. Many of them go beyond an age when they are no longer up to date with social networks and that is why social networks are not used.  For many of them, having a profile on LinkedIn or Twitter means they leave their comfort zone. This, as we said before, is a barrier to new opportunities for contact with your investors or potential customers who surely have a presence in these channels.

CEOs who do have a digital presence

We mentioned earlier that many company directors do not have a presence in social networks because of the generational leap that separates them from them. However, there are many who do take them into account. For example, Elon Musk or Bill Gates use their social profiles to amplify their popularity through millions of followers which allows them to be closer and interact with their potential customers.  Nowadays it seems almost unthinkable that a company does not have a presence in social networks, taking into account all the agents that make it up: as a brand, its employees and of course the CEO. Together they contribute to the company’s growth and to creating a closer and more reliable business environment at a global level.



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