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The opportunity for businesses behind social media during the COVID-19

A health crisis without precedents have affected millions of businesses around the world. The COVID-19 has marked a new beginning for the communications as we know them, while digital platforms are in the heart of the crisis.

At this moment, businesses need to know how to keep communicating their messages while this crisis continues, so when it finishes, they come out of it stronger. Social networks usage has increased in 55% in the last few weeks; and although it’s a crisis, companies can still take advantage of social networks to keep their business working.

The opportunity for businesses behind social media during the COVID-19

How did businesses react to this crisis through their social networks?

 Companies around the world have been using digital tools to manage their businesses while working from home. Social networks have been a brand-ally at this time since they have kept connecting brands with clients.

On March, the engagement rate started declining for those companies that weren’t communicating messages to their consumers. That is why, they started creating messages with the available resources. However, once they started communicating, the engagement rate started uprising which resulted in the highest engagement rate for some companies since the beginning of 2020.

The publication frequency has declined in some companies, from four publications per week to three publications per week. This does not mean that companies should decrease their frequency of publications, but rather they should focus on creating quality content. If companies have to lower the number of publications to improve quality posts, they should do it.

One of the things that have befitted the engagement rate has been high-quality posts. Companies are being more selective with their publications instead of generating massive content. They choose only authentic content, which has managed to improve their social networks recognition.

How to communicate during COVID-19 through your corporate social networks?

The opportunity for businesses behind social media during the COVID-19

The mood of your messages:

Before creating and uploading a publication the company should analyze if the communication is in line with reality. Although it is true, the most published content both on social networks and in news is related to the coronavirus, and it may sometimes sound repetitive, but the reality is that all activities are affected by this pandemic.

The communication your company creates should not stray too far from reality as it could generate a result contrary to what is sought. That is why, for those who manage business social networks, they must ask themselves: Is this content according to the context we are living today?

Use your brand ambassadors:

The best brand ambassadors for a company are its employees, and if you want to continue spreading communication about your company while this crisis is over, employees should feel motivated to do it. Listen to what your employees are saying about the situation and analyze the types of debates generated on the internet, this can create an atmosphere of trust and your brand can be the protagonist of these spaces.

Some tools facilitate the process of sharing information, such as SocialReacher, the brand advocacy platform for companies. For those businesses that want to encourage their employees, but do not know how to do it, this tool is very useful. The platform creates a reward system for those who spread the word of the company they work for.

The opportunity for businesses behind social media during the COVID-19

Invest in quality content:

At the moment, despite being difficult to carry out large audiovisual productions and filming or recording, it does not mean that It is impossible to create quality content. Big brands around the world have brought together their creativity to create content from home that is creative but, above all, empathetic.

This is the perfect time to generate content that builds consumer trust in the brand. You should seek to generate publications that are friendlier, that create unique moments between consumer and brand, but, above all, you should generate content that empathizes with the current situation.

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