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The Importance of Social Media in the Human Resource Department

In a world consumed by social media, where a large part of our lives and our daily hours are dedicated to being “Online”, the human resource department must make sure they take maximum advantage of the opportunities offered by social media to achieve their department’s goals.

The job search by potential candidates has gone from just being active to being proactive. Internet users who are looking for work increasingly take advantage of the possibilities offered by each social media network (LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and even Instagram), which helps them find what they are looking for.

This activity, together with data that reflects the pro-active increase of social media use by applicants, is an obvious reason why the human resource department must take advantage of social media as an essential tool.

4 Examples of how social media can benefit the HR department

  • It expands the market for recruitment

There is no doubt that social media is providing faster and easier access to an increasingly diverse and highly qualified population, which is a major step forward for HR.

Networks such as LinkedIn or Careerify allow companies and applicants to search for and find work and workers efficiently and effectively, through increasingly direct channels that facilitate the contracting process and will continue to do so.

As an added value, the recruiter can investigate the candidates through their social media networks before interviewing or hiring them. A Facebook page or a LinkedIn profile can reveal a lot about a future employee, so it is advisable for job candidates to take care with the image presented in each of them. Using privacy settings and cleaning up content can help prevent the job search from being damaged.

Human resources departments should be aware of the fluid communication that can be maintained across the various social channels. They should stay abreast of their company’s social media strategies to ensure that they not only have the possibility of hiring the best candidates, but they can catch the “crème de la crème”.

  • It improves brand, reputation, culture and communication

Having transparency in the company is crucial, given that it contributes to improved visibility and, therefore, also comes with greater responsibility. This advice applies in both directions.

What’s important for human resource departments is that the employees drive the brand on social media, acting as brand ambassadors.

It is essential for HR that employees generate this degree of participation, since it’s a positive for the company. And it helps build the brand’s reputation on its own social media channels. A brand whose employees feel proud to be part of the company is essential in hiring and retaining talent.

It is equally important to be careful with what is published and where it is published. A small mistake on social media can be very damaging to the company’s brand and, as we all know, mistakes tend to go viral.

  • Analysis to monitor success

The human resource department may be skeptical about the positive influence that a social media strategy can have on the business. But, fortunately, there are analyses available that provide information on the success of activity on social media. Whether it’s the number of visits to a blog post, the “likes” on a photograph, or the number of comments on a shared research paper, there are a lot of ways to analyze the activity on social media and discover which social content is best suited to the company.

  • New job opportunities

Finally, something that HR professionals should be very aware of is that as social media becomes more widespread and more critical for the company, there needs to also be a progressive increase in the personnel to manage this. A successful social media strategy is not something that can be handled by an employee during their lunchbreak. It takes time, effort and, therefore, personnel to supervise it. Hiring an expert in social media can be very helpful for your business and it is HR’s responsibility to find the right person to do the job.

It is also advisable to ensure that all staff who are going to participate on social media on behalf of the company are properly trained to use it effectively. You may only have 140 characters, but don’t underestimate the time and research that can go into writing a meaningful tweet “online” that reflects the spirit of the company.

There is no doubt that the era of social media is opening up many new opportunities for both companies and HR departments.

There is also no doubt that, in order to meet today’s business needs, the HR professional needs to regularly update their social media strategy.

After all, the essence of Human Resources is to take advantage of new forms of communication, working together online, and getting in touch with people.

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