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Tips for Improving Business Productivity

In a general way we talk about productivity focused on each employee or person at an individual level. But we must remember that in a large percentage of companies we work in teams and with horizontal structures, which are immersed in new processes and transformations in which it is very positive to incorporate techniques that help us to improve in the face of the challenges of the company.


8 tips with quick and easy application to help us increase productivity

Marks times for each task

It is important to optimize the concentration that we organize the day in blocks that help us to plan the tasks in a realistic way and we learn in team to value the time that we must dedicate to each task. In addition, it is important that the times are public and shared in order to share responsibilities among colleagues that avoid tasks that lengthen in time because they are not reciprocal in responsibility.

Start with the hardest part

On many occasions we leave the most complex tasks to the end, but the best way to overcome challenges is to tackle them jointly and in an organized way. Here it is advisable to divide big tasks or challenges in individual responsibilities that help us to work with team the whole process through agile status and follow-up of the evolution.

Agile Methodology

To work with tools and processes that promote the efficient achievement of goals. Related to the previous point, in order to avoid dispersion and focus efforts, it is advisable to plan, create and deliver tasks in reduced terms that help minimize errors by focusing on quality, which increases the commitment and motivation of the employee.

Facilitates communication

Beyond the processes of tasks, it is very important to have an efficient communication with employees and rely on them to convey the messages of the company internally and externally. Internally it is important to have leaders who disseminate achievements, progress and internal communication to motivate and generate an open and comfortable environment in the company. Externally, it is important to promote employee advocacy programs to provide content to employees and motivate them to become spokespersons and influencers of the company’s information. An aspect that supports pride in belonging and credibility. SocialReacher as an employee advocacy tool helps companies to coordinate, share and support employee communication as a reliable and coherent prescription force for company content.

The 2-minute rule

One of the most efficient work processes is to avoid postponing tasks that are simple and time-consuming. This action is very effective and what it tells us is that if a task can be done in less than 2 minutes, we must do it at that moment and thus avoid that it remains permanently pending.

Plan tomorrow today

As we have discussed, it is advisable to chop up projects and work on tight deadlines. But to this must be added medium and long term planning to help us set goals that can be shared as a team and company. In addition, it is positive to mark points of analysis and learning in the process in the medium and long term to continue applying the improvements in the face of global evolution.

Agile meetings

We must pay special attention to this aspect, meetings are recommended to keep them short, without excessively long agendas, with the necessary people and avoiding that they are many attendees.

Disconnect to connect

Last but not least, let us avoid excessively long work blocks and jumping from task to task without spending some time on disconnection. The average concentration time of an adult is 45 minutes, so it is advisable to take short breaks scheduled every certain time to rest your eyesight, interact with our colleagues and think about other issues to avoid fatigue that in the long term only lead to a decrease in productivity.


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