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Four ways to improve a company’s productivity through social networks

In recent years, social networks have become a key element for labour productivity, fostering relations with employees and betting on collaborative work. Despite the constant controversy about the use of these in the workplace, social networks have gone beyond the barriers of entertainment to become an excellent communication tool capable of boosting the productivity levels of a brand or organization.

Real-time problem solving

One of the fundamental skills that determine the productivity of a company lies in its ability to evolve and adapt to the environment that surrounds them. Being flexible and resolute is vital to react appropriately to any change, since only in this way will it be possible to survive in a highly competitive environment.

This makes continuous feedback between employees, company and customers a must and not a mere recommendation. Social networks play a crucial role in expanding our ability to manage and resolve situations from remote locations and in hours of inactivity if necessary.

By making it easy for our employees to communicate with each other through social networks, we can provide the company with a 24/7 improvement structure.

Networking power

One opportunity to expand the tentacles of your business network is to support your employees, through their social networks and “circle of influence” to establish strategic professional relationships with people outside the company. More and better connections can result in sales opportunities, business opportunities and new ideas.

It is essential to keep in mind that, although social networks have revolutionized networking, it is important to master traditional methods. At the end of the day, it’s a question of becoming distorted, and creating links of value.

Improve recognition and retention of your employees

Recognition boosts productivity. And not only that, it involves workers and increases their sense of belonging to the company. On the other hand, promoting and rewarding certain values is the best way to provide them.

That said, social networks provide the perfect space to talk about your employees’ accomplishments.

From congratulating your team for their outstanding performance, highlighting their talent or introducing new hires, are just some of the examples with which you can encourage your employees to interact and help increase their self-esteem.

Your employees, your prescribers

Your consumers aren’t the only ones in Social Media, your employees also spend hours socializing on their networks and it’s time for you to make the most of it.

Thanks to tools like, which are born with the goal of enhancing work experience and creating synergies between employees and the company, we can turn our employees into influencers of the company.

These programs, called Employee Advocacy Programs, will provide us with a network of ambassadors based on the company’s human team.

It would be a system of rewards through which you can motivate your employees and collaborators to disseminate brand content in their social profiles. One of its main objectives is to increase the organic reach of your publications without having to invest a penny in advertising.

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