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How to make your employees fall in love?

Valentine’s Day is a date on the calendar when people like to celebrate their love and bond with another person. At, we want both company leaders and employees to fall in love, not just on Valentine’s Day, but every day of the year.

Work relationships have a lot in common with sentimental relationships: all employees have butterflies in their stomachs on the first day at work and it seems like such an idyllic situation will never come to an end. However, according to a Gallup study, only 13% of employees feel very involved with their work, and more than half of employees would not recommend their company to their friends. That said, how do we turn the situation around and get employees to fall in love with the company?

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All these actions happen because the organization commits to an Employer Branding strategy. The company increases its commitment to their employee to become the best ambassador of the  company.

What are the benefits of your employee becoming a brand ambassador?

It has been shown that individuals are much more credible than the brands when they make a recommendation. If a company trains, supports and promotes the company’s employees, this is a winning strategy to compete for Internet relevance.

It has been shown that the content shared by employees through, for example, their social media networks is 8 times more engaging than content  published by the company’s social profiles. Employees therefore become the most credible channel and create up to 3 times more trust than the company’s own CEO.

Falling in love with your employees is a successful strategy that helps you sell more.  But it is important that the leadership of the company support initiatives that motivate employees to commit to and share the values of the company.

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