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How to Incorporate a New Employee into the Corporate Culture

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The corporate culture is represented by all its teams collaborating together to achieve the company’s objectives. That’s why a new employee can have a disruptive effect on the dynamics of these groups. In order to avoid a possible loss of productivity or lowered office morale, we’re going to talk about what you can do to have a new employee to become part of the company’s corporate culture from the very first day they arrive.

The recruitment process

The corporate culture begins long before the new employee steps foot in the office. It begins with search process for talent. All applicants should be able to feel the company’s corporate culture, even though in the end they may not be hired.   At a minimum, a positive brand image should stay with them, something which will make a difference when it comes time to attract and retain talent.

And the corporate culture could not exist without its employees. They end up giving it shape.  It is pointless to try to impose a culture onto someone who will never feel comfortable with it.  So, during the interviews, talk about your company, what you do, the day to day … And keep their answers in mind so you can see how they would fit into the company, beyond just their work experience.


The best way to teach corporate culture is by example, which is something that starts at the top. Managers should engage in honest communication so that employees know what is expected of them, especially in the first few days. You can’t just let them loose in the office and hope everything will work out with no problems.  You have to make an effort for them to feel comfortable and go home at night feeling good.

With these new hires, the leadership philosophy known as ‘Ingaging’ is very helpful. It’s based on active listening to employees and getting them involved in the company’s decision-making. The dynamics of workplace motivation are not enough to create a unique corporate culture. You have to go one step beyond in order to benefit from the potential of your employees.

Arrival at the office

When an employee joins the company, they are told what their objectives are, their job responsibilities and how thye should perform them, so that he or she can do the best job possible. Similarly, you have to devote the necessary time so they also understand your corporate culture. Although the key points may be written down, nothing is as powerful as having someone designated as a mentor and guide for the new employee in those first days of adaptation.

You can also incorporate incentives or elements of gamification to encourage this. When a behavior is rewarded, it is repeated.

And since not everything is work, it is always a good idea to create a space in which the new employees can get to know their colleagues on a more personal level, such as having a drink after work, always adapting this activity to your employees.

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