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How to improve your company’s productivity

Globalization and technological development have required greater productivity within companies, which is fundamental for the company to keep its business alive and on route. However, many companies do not know how to make motivation last over time and wonder, how to improve productivity in their employees?

How to improve your company’s productivity

Provide technological tools to your employees:

It all begins with your employees, who must feel comfortable and happy with your company. It has been proven that employees who do not feel committed to their work generally cause billions of annual losses to companies.

The more tools available to make work easier, the more motivated employees will become to engage with those methods that help them do their job easier, faster, and more effectively. Through technological tools, you can improve your employees’ productivity by using methods that help them organize and work as a team more efficiently and in less time. 

Some tools even facilitate communication between the team. A good technique is through business database tools or platforms that improve employee communication and guarantee organization and monitoring of messages between employees, customers, and current projects.

Likewise, employees must be updated on the progress being made both inside and outside the company. You must find a way to have a close and reciprocal relationship with your employees, since they are the ones who can give suggestions on how to improve processes.

Generally, one way to maintain a close relationship with your employees is usually through corporate social networks. Some tools allow employees to better understand the company in which they work, through the communications they issue. An example is the incorporation and use of a platform that improves the internal and external communication of a company, that organically facilitates the dissemination of information and that keeps employees informed of all communications issued by the company. That is the case of SocialReacher.

Encourage your employees to take breaks during work 

It has been proven that working for many continuous hours in front of a computer can make the employee feel mentally exhausted and cannot complete all the activities scheduled for a day. That is why, it is important that employees take short breaks to go to the bathroom, have a snack, or talk with other colleagues, in this way, concentration can be guaranteed for longer periods and thus, maintain the work rhythm that allows you to finish your daily goals.

Flexible schedules 

One of the things that motivates employees a lot is flexible hours, which allow employees to combine work life with their private life. Through that flexibility, you can improve productivity, build loyalty, and promote a much more productive work spirit among workers. Through the empowerment of your employees and guiding them to do their work more effectively, it also depends on the trust the company has in the worker to give him more freedom so that he is organized according to his availability, as long as he meets the established objectives.

Focus your company’s communication in a clear way 

There must be clear communication between managers and employees, and effectively communicate what is expected of them and the responsibilities that they will develop within the company. One of the things that has been shown in the companies’ communication is that 80% talk about issues from the past, and how the blame is assigned to a person in charge. 15% show that they are talking about topics in the present and only 5% are designated for things of the future. It is important to set goals for the future, to ensure the ability to continue with projects and actively seek solutions to problems.

Offer support and set realistic goals 

When one of your employees does their job, do not just look at what they accomplished in one day, but how they did it, that is, the quality of their job. To ensure that employees are happy in the work environment, you must guarantee that you set realistic goals that make employees feel comfortable. Through communication tools and clear instructions, greater productivity, and work motivation can be guaranteed.

One of the most recommended tips is to use platforms that help measure how much time are employees spending while doing each task. Some researchers say that only 17% of people can estimate how much time they spend on each activity. Employees must measure how much time they are spending on each activity they perform, in this way the company can assess whether how processes are carried out must be changed to achieve a more effective way.

How to improve your company’s productivity

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