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How to improve your brand image on social networks?

Currently, social networks are the showcase of our brand. With them we are able to show the world what our company can do.

Having a defined image can be decisive for users to become your future customers.

There are many aspects that we must take care of if we want to improve our brand image, from the design of the logo to the integration of corporate identity in networks.

If you want to improve your brand image in social networks follow these tips and you will see the results.

1- Analyze your brand

The first and most important thing is to examine our social networks and ask ourselves the following questions:

Is our corporate image well integrated into our publications? Do we use the language of each social network? What do we want to convey? What are our strengths?

This will allow you to always be in sync with your objective, to provide highly relevant content. To help you use the statistical tools offered by some social networks such as Facebook statistics. The data collected will help you optimize your presence and your marketing actions.

2- User name

After carefully analyzing our social networks and seeing where we may be failing we must begin to review point by point every aspect of them.

The first thing you have to check is that the username corresponds to the alias you want to be found by.

3- Profile photo

Using your brand logo will help users recognize your company.

4- Covers

More or less all companies are aware of the importance of profile photography, but what about covers or cover image?

It is necessary that each social network has a cover image adapted to the needs of each network and that this cover is updated at least a couple of times a year. This will get a fresh and current image of your brand.

5 – Adapt your content to the needs of each network

A common mistake is to use exactly the same content for all social networks.

Each social network has its audience defined by common sociodemographic criteria. And each network has its own format. For example, a current message on Twitter will not work as well as on Instagram.

Let’s take a closer look at the need for each network:


Although this social network is losing steam, it is still one of the preferred by users. Therefore, it will be necessary to create a precise and attractive editorial plan, with the aim of creating interaction with the page and users.


It is the social network with the greatest flow of information and current affairs, for this reason the content published by our brand must be concise and of high quality, choosing the most appropriate hashtags and used by the community, always in reference to your brand.


When we talk about Instagram we are talking about the visual network par excellence. If your business revolves around images, don’t hesitate to use it. Here it is very important that your images are very well taken care of and that you use a clear line of sight.

For some years now, Instagram stories have become the most popular tool of this social network, so it is important that you impact your users through them. Here we can use an impacting content that does not leave a mark since this time of publications have a useful life of 24h.


It is the best known professional network and best suited for B2B and B2C, in this platform communication style will have to be more formal in order to follow the line of content created by your company.

6- Put yourself in your user’s shoes

It is not advisable to use social networks to sell your products or services directly.

People who access social platforms seek to be surprised, learn new things and even help about some kind of product or service.

Feel free to be creative, to tell a story related to your brand or to share some kind of article that may favor the sale of your products or services.

7 – Interact with users

If you want to improve your brand image on social networks is very important not to forget this point.
Respond to your users, their comments, suggestions, requests and complaints, as this can determine the image that other users have of your brand.

When a user asks questions in our profiles, they are looking for an answer. Most of the time, social networks are the only contact channel available to users.

In short, the digital image is an essential element of the brand, in fact, it becomes the factor with which to create commitment with the audience. At this point, digital identity is incorporated into the concept of communicative style and, therefore, it is mandatory to show a coordinated image adapted to the needs of each social network.

Also think that your employees can contribute to improve your brand image and that, in this sense, an employee advocacy program can be very interesting.



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