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How to Improve Workplace Motivation with a Speech

A speech, given at the right time with the right words, can make a difference in your employees’ motivation in the workplace. There are many ways to motivate workers, but a speech is a very healthy practice that allows you to have an honest dialogue with your team.  It lets them feel like they are part of the company and will fight for the values ​​and goals of the company.

Leadership problems are frequently caused by poor communication. This is the first step in solving the problem and beginning a positive strategy of “engaging” and active listening with all your employees. Don’t let your company’s talent slip away.

If you’re reading this, that’s already a good sign. You want to work hard on behalf of your team, and this is a key to achieving workplace motivation. Mind you, don’t expect it to be a magic solution. The speech must be consistent with the corporate culture and with how you act the rest of the time. Also, you must believe in what you say. If not, the speech will be in vain. Nobody expects you to be Martin Luther King or The Wolf of Wall Street.

The tone is everything. Communicate honestly and personally. Smile and give an emotional touch, which is what impresses people the most. Depending on the work relationships and the context, such as a Christmas party, you can talk more casually.

You don’t have to memorize everything as if it were a presentation, but it is recommended that you plan out the points that you are going to talk about, so you will come across as natural.

Get the workplace motivated by thanking your employees for their work. If you want to recognize someone special, be careful of how this makes the others feel. This can backfire if you forget to mention someone or if the other employees feel less valued.

Not everything is beautiful at work. As simplistic as it sounds, don’t avoid topics which are uncomfortable, such as mistakes or dismissals. Your employees are important and they deserve to be involved in these conversations. They will appreciate the sincerity and they will feel like they are part of the company.  It also gives you the opportunity to provide your perspective.

During the speech, involve them and share your opinions about how the year has gone and what you expect in the future. To finish, bring something special like pastries.  Offer them the chance to also say something if they wish.

And remember:  What’s good, if brief, is twice as good.

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