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How to execute a good social media strategy as a leader

Nowadays social networks are essential for a company. It is important to have a good online presence and a well-established online reputation, because most of their users are active on social media. Not only do they buy products and services on these social networks, they also compare opinions on it before buying.

But… The leader or CEO of the company, should he express his opinion and preferences on his social media accounts? Could this harm or benefit the company in which you work? We’ll tell you about it below.

The CEO on social networks

Keep in mind that not all CEOs might like being in the media, might be influencers, or might be famous, so each case is different. However, there are certain aspects that can be applied to all types of CEOs.

The CEO of the company must be the number one ambassador of the brand, since most of the users will be influenced by the perception they have of the company’s leader, and this might affect their image of the brand. In other words, the image of the leader will be linked to the brand image, and this positively or negatively affect their positioning.

In addition, his communication must be restrained, because any statement he makes in favor of or against a sensitive issue can affect the brand image negatively.

We will provide some of the characteristics or factors to consider when communicating on social networks as a leader:

  • Avoid giving your opinion and taking sides on sensitive topics such as politics, religion, etc. It could affect the company’s image immediately.
  • Sharing your opinion and experiences on relevant issues that are related to the company’s activities could be very interesting for your followers.
  • Take care of your brand image by using professional pictures. This could give a reflection on your brand image and reputation.
  • Demonstrate the achievements of the team behind the brand, thereby humanizing the brand.
  • Interact, as much as possible, with your followers. It will get you closer to them.

Top 5 most influential world leaders on social media

  1. Bill Gates

Microsoft’s CEO has more than 45 million followers on Twitter, and more than 16 million on LinkedIn. He is the most influential leader on social media.

  1. Richard Branson

He is the founder and president of Virgin Group, with more than 12 million followers on Twitter and more than 14 million on LinkedIn.

  1. Elon Musk

The CEO of Tesla Motors counts more than 21 million followers on Twitter. However, he doesn´t have an active LinkedIn account.

  1. Jack Dorsey

He is the CEO and cofounder of Twitter and Square. He has more than 4 million followers on the social network he founded himself: Twitter, but doesn´t have an account on LinkedIn neither.

  1. Arianna Huffington

The only woman in our list is editor and president of the Huffington Post Media Group. She has more than 3 million followers on Twitter, and more than 7 million on LinkedIn.

Do you consider the presence of leaders on social media to be important? To what extent do you think their personal online image is not aligned with that of the company?

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