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How to capture digital talent for your business?


The labor market is growing and evolving by leaps and bounds. Nowadays, businesses are focused on using the best and most up-to-date resources possible to optimize the business strategy and to achieve objectives. For this reason, we should follow the same evolutionary direction when it comes to capturing the best talent. In this respect, it is very important to select good digital talent to develop this value within the company.


This world forces us to focus on the digital team as one of the strongest powers in the company. Reinforcing the digital marketing department of the enterprise will benefit us so that it evolves fast and constantly readjusts to new market trends without having to resort to external resources. Properly selecting these types of profiles will ensure a future adapted to the changes that may arise in this sector. 


Today, capturing valuable digital talent is easier than it was a few years ago. Through various platforms and social media channels, we can find highly segmented profiles and we can reach a large number of candidates in a greater distance radius than before. 


How to attract these digital profiles?

Before, companies sought talent on job markets or specific institutions for this purpose. Today, thanks to digitalization, there are infinite ways of attracting great talent, even if the talent is not actively looking for employment. 


Thanks to platforms such as LinkedIn, for instance, we can find potential candidates and read details on their curricular information, skills, and abilities, which interests the business. 


To attract the talent or profile that suits the job, we must take into account different factors. Some of the most important ones are: 

  • A solid branding strategy.
  • A strong digital presence.
  • Working conditions adjusted to the needs of the sector, such as flexible working hours and the possibility of teleworking. 
  • Other work benefits, such as, for instance, food vouchers, insurance, performance incentives, etc. 
  • Attractive employer branding: Make sure to have an amplification strategy on social media. Also, these profiles value highly the fact that your employees are your brand ambassadors and see it as a benefit. 


The most popular digital talent’s profiles.

The most demanded digital profiles are the following: 

  1. SEO Specialist:  Responsible for the organic position of the different “sites” on the website. 
  2. SEM Specialist: Design, management, and analysis of online advertising campaigns.
  3. Web Developer: Encodes and designs websites and applications. Additionally, this profile is responsible for establishing quality standards and website policies, as well as the maintenance of the website. 
  4. Content Curator: The person in charge of creating and designing a content plan and curing the content. 
  5. Community Manager:  Manages, monitors, and moderates the company’s social media channels. 
  6. Digital Communication Manager: Responsible for the company’s digital communication.
  7. Data Scientist: Cleans and processes data. Moreover, this person draws conclusions using data analysis (mainly with statistical and computer tools) in different fields such as finance and marketing.
  8. UX and UI Expert: Responsible for the analysis of navigation behavior and the redesign of the landing pages on the website to facilitate the user experience. 
  9. Data Analyst: Responsible for data processing, categorization, and analysis. 
  10. Security Expert: The person in charge of the prevention and supervision of possible threats that could affect any of the business’ activities.
  11. IoT Expert: An increasingly popular profile: This person is responsible for the interconnectivity between various devices using, in many cases, big data technology. 

Employer branding as the key to attract and retain a company’s digital talent.

Employer Branding is a strategy to make your employees feel identified with the brand and to make them become your best social media ambassadors. Not only is this is a way to give more online visibility to the brand, but it also makes the company’s publications and values reach more people. 

The employer branding strategy must offer advantages for the employees to implement, such as user-friendliness, convenience, and easy to use. If your company’s policy complies with it, the members of the digital team will be the first ones to write about the enterprise and to amplify it to the other teams. 

Furthermore, for the employer branding strategy to succeed, it is important to select the tool that best suits your needs. Here you can discover the Social Reacher plan that best matches your strategy. When selecting a tool, you should take several aspects into account: 

  • Have an attractive and intuitive visual design that improves the user experience. 
  • Accessibility: from different devices and places, facilitating the experience of your employees.
  • It must be measurable to understand whether the strategy is succeeding or, on the contrary, if you have to correct it.


This way, you won’t only have the best brand ambassadors, but you will also enhance your digital brand image, which is more attractive for talents who might become your future employees. 


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