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How do you find quality talent on LinkedIn?


Everybody has a hard time finding the perfect candidate for their job opening. You know what aptitudes you’re looking for, what attitude, etc. But what we certainly know is true is that if we can find the right employees who are extraordinarily talented, it will have a positive impact on the entire company.

LinkedIn is the biggest professional network worldwide, with more than 500 million members. With LinkedIn you can manage your professional identity, have a corporate presence, broaden and interact with your professional network, etc.

Therefore, for many companies LinkedIn is an indispensable tool when it comes time to finding candidates to fill a vacancy. And the same thing happens with people who are looking for work.

You should consider posting your job offer on LinkedIn which, although it’s not free, is quite economical. By choosing this option you can target candidates based on your requirements.

Another option worth considering is to seek candidates on your own in LinkedIn.  Some tips to help you find the best candidates include keeping your user profiles kept current, generating content on an almost daily basis, sharing any vacancies, etc.  In LinkedIn’s search function you can list the candidate qualities your looking for, the profession, and apply other filters that will help you quickly find the perfect candidate.

If you use LinkedIn’s recruiting tool, there is a fee but it is well worth it.  It allows you to get in touch with any user, even though you have no connection with them.  If a certain aptitude gets your attention, you can go ahead and consult with that person about whatever interested you.

The next step in your recruiting process is to create and manage the list of candidates that you want to contact, either now or in the future.  You should analyze and apply filters to find the right talent which matches your job requirements.

According to one study, 74% of people responsible for hiring in Spain say that a strong Employer Branding strategy, (a strategy which combines marketing and human resources in order to have a strong position in the labor market), is directly related to the quality of the candidates they are able to attract.  Which means you can reduce the costs in the hiring process by using LinkedIn, because you’ll be able to reach the candidates you need directly.

And lastly, measure and monetize your results.  This will also help you optimize your time and money.

Apply these tips and you will see how the selection process improves.

Do you have any other tips?  Please share them with us!

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