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Gamification in the company

We already know that gamification is in fashion. If you want to start it up, take these ideas into account.
People grow up playing so games are something that is very much linked to our lives. The game evolves with us until we reach the working stage and then it continues with us. But, let’s start at the beginning…

What is Gamification ?

Gamification originated in the digital media sector and began to be used back in 2008. This term integrates different game dynamics that aim to achieve work motivation and make the working environment more enjoyable.
Many companies that implement these models, what they seek is to motivate employees to be more efficient through games in which they can get rewards or points for prizes, or even recognition within the company.
In order for gambling to work among your employees, you must follow three steps that you probably already know from traditional games:

  • Mechanics: To get workers involved in the game you need to establish a fun mechanic to earn points and prizes.
  • Game process: This is where the personal motivations of employees who are eager to win prizes or, as indicated above, recognition within the company, come in.
  • Components of the game: Avatars, accumulated points, recognitions…


Gamification in companies can be carried out in many ways, but a very simple one in which everyone benefits is through tools that promote Employee Advocacy. For example, SocialReacher is a platform that helps companies gain visibility on social networks thanks to their employees, but it can also be seen as a tool to motivate employees.

Through a game dynamic, the company uploads the messages it wants employees to share. These, as they share contents, add points and are placed in a monthly ranking. From here the company can give incentives in the form of awards or recognitions for those who add more points.

Companies have a lot to gain from gambling strategies in terms of employee productivity, improve results and have much happier teams involved with the values of companies. What are you waiting for to join the dynamics of gambling for companies?


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