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Gamification and its benefits for your business

In the 21st century, gamification has turned into a must inside companies since it allows the possibility of motivating employees and teaching them while they are being rewarded for that.

If you want to promote participation and engagement between your employees and your company, you should introduce a gamification tool. Some people think their companies are too small to apply this resource, but the truth is that everyone can take advantage of this.

But you may ask, what is gamification?

Gamification sounds like implementing games into your workplace, it is similar but not the same. The truth is that gamification is a process in which a company takes something that already exists and transform it by integrating game mechanics into it. That means, adding game strategies that engage the employee in the daily activities and enhance a healthy competition between workers.

The secret of gamification

This engaging-tool is based on game dynamics that are introduced in daily activities that workers usually repeat, making them more interesting and playful at the same time. This tool breaks the monotony and introduces a new environment of opportunities between employees and clients.

Communication also improves and worth of mouth is generated since users will share their results on their networks.

Gamification helps users in learning and developing new skills, reinforce the cohesion and coordination between professionals and improves the work environment. Also, it encourages instant positive feedback.

The outcome: generating a strong and proud community that is aligned with the company’s objectives and ready to adapt to change.  

 You will see the results of the implementation of this tool in your ROI, without a doubt. But before, you must know some important things.

How can I implement gamification in my company?

There are many ways of applying gamification tools inside your company. It can go from implementing an app or platform, to creating teamwork activities and group dynamics.

First of all, the company needs to establish its objectives clearly if it wants the gamification tool to work properly. Since we try to encourage the implementation of technological tools, the next recommendation is based on our experience.

Everyone inside an institution has something important to say and the exchange of communication between users can create a learning environment that is vital for the company since informal learning constitutes 90% of what we know.

One of the most recommended things is implementing a gamification platform that allows employees to learn and keep connected with what the company is doing. The important thing is to keep clients and employees motivated; you can make that through the implementation of a reward system in your platform. For example: you can add badges that reward users once they have completed established objectives or once they have shared your social media content in their social networks and that is something SocialReacher stands for. 

A gamification platform does not only need to be focused on employees since it works for clients too. Through a platform you can allow users to keep their learning process constant and receive automatic feedback of your actions. 

Without any doubt, making users aware of what your company does is vital for your business to keep their presence among its public and gamification makes everything easier. 


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