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Find quality talent on LinkedIn

Workers are one of the fundamental pillars of a company. That’s why we have to pay special attention when it comes to finding quality talent. Managers and the Human Resources department must establish strategic guidelines so that the selection process is effective.  There are many channels that can be chosen to recruit a candidate, but in this article we will focus on the platform par excellence, LinkedIn to find talent and also show the factors that we must take into account to find that talent.

LinkedIn is a platform to find, connect and manage candidates.

It collects quality candidates and signals from members, so you can prioritize the most appropriate to your needs. Through the social network we can find talent, always starting from the information that each profile freely reveals about their attitudes, experiences and education.  On the basis of launching a job offer, which, although not free, is very economical, you can reach many candidates and they will sign up depending on the requirements that you expose.  Next we are going to give you a series of guidelines to find quality talent in LinkedIn:

– Use the advanced search filters: this is one of the most useful features of LinkedIn that already helps you find the talent you are looking for. It not only allows you to locate the professional target or manager you are interested in, but it also analyzes each of the relationship levels in your network of contacts to see how it is built.
– Intelligent suggestions: LinkedIn creates a more solid search with the skills, locations and titles most recommended by their function.
– Prioritize candidates.

Using a social network like LinkedIn is efficient and strategic for your company. It allows you to select and focus on quality candidates, brings credibility to employees and accelerates hiring. There are more than 560 M active members on LinkedIn and it continues to grow. 90% of the members are open to the opportunity of a suitable and specific job for each profile. 40% of companies find work through this network.  These guidelines will help to find a candidate but there are many more factors that count. So it is important to get the attention of potential recruits. Since most talents check the company’s website, it is a good idea to make sure everything is in perfect condition. Beyond being accurate, attractive and up to date, the job offers page should be easy to find so that they can apply and submit their resumes.  The same goes for your LinkedIn company page: take a look at some of the best company pages for inspiration. Fill in as much information as possible and share attractive content – show that you are an attractive company!
Search engines are also important, make sure all your publications are SEO-optimized.

To get in touch with candidates, you can use InMail or share availability on calendars so you can easily set up interviews.
While it is not prudent to give them everything they want, you should probably consider explaining the details of possible work in that first contact.
If we consider the above information, it is important to remember that candidates are 56% more likely to respond to the person they would directly work with.  It is also important to know why employees accept job offers.
Finally, keep in mind that at least 74% of recruiters in Spain say that a good Employer Branding strategy is directly related to the quality of the candidates it attracts. This translates into a reduction in costs as you will really be attracting the candidates you need.
Through these simple steps to recruit personnel you will be able to achieve the best for your company and for your employees without making mistakes that harm your company. Don’t hesitate to put them into practice!

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