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Employee Advocacy: your employees are your best brand ambassadors


You’ve certainly heard people talking about employee advocacy, a term which is growing in popularity in many places and companies in the U.S.  And it has slowly started to arrive in other countries as the strategic new tool for the promotion of brands.  It is now becoming one of the most recent trends in online marketing.

Other concepts like employer branding or advocacy marketing are part of a group of advertising techniques aimed at creating a community of brand ambassadors, along with employee advocacy.  The objective of these techniques is to build a good reputation both inside and outside the company,

What is employee advocacy?

Employee advocacy is a type of marketing strategy which promotes the creation of brand ambassadors from among the employees themselves at the company, thus creating communication which is in line with corporate and which complements it.

It consists of having the employees, using their own social media channels, communicate and add value to interesting content from the company.  In this way, the values of the brand are communicated, making the company more human, more real and bringing it closer to potential clients.

Employees can reach an audience which is ten times larger than what can be reached by the brand alone.  They are able to make the company known and increase the value of the message the company wants to share,-  not by distributing the corporate messages word for word, but by giving them the employees’ own tone and language.

All this translates into audience reach and influence, since messages sent by the employees have a stronger impact because they are more credible than ones disseminated by the companies.

That is why it is very important to take care of your employees, to have them identify with the values of the brand.  And the company needs to motivate them to participate voluntarily through incentives and rewards for their collaboration, and by making them feel like they are an integral part of the company.  By bringing both sides together, enormous potential can be achieved.

And don’t forget that content which is shared through these channels generates eight times more engagement than the brand itself can generate.

Advantages of Employee Advocacy

  • Humanizes the brand
  • Strengthens the company’s communication potential
  • Enriches the online reputation
  • Motivates the employees
  • Increases the brand’s network of influence
  • Reduces the costs of online campaigns
  • Creates new business opportunities
  • Increases client loyalty to the company brings you all these benefits.  It’s a corporate communication tool, a platform on which each one of the collaborators (employees, partners,.….) of the company can voluntarily share messages through their own social media networks, messages about the organization which are deemed important to make known.

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