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Employee advocacy, your company’s best ally

This term is acquiring vital importance for companies, due to the boom in social networks.

The aim of employee advocacy is for the employees of a company to become brand ambassadors by making the company’s values and communication reach a wider audience.

As we saw in our article: “Difference between brand ambassador and Brand lovers“, the objective is to bring these values closer to the public by acquiring more credibility than if the brand itself were to do so, since it is given a more human value.

Through this dissemination of content by our workers, we will achieve an improvement in the image of the company, a greater closeness, increase the commitment of workers to the company and, most importantly, generate greater confidence.

Therefore, and depending on the company, not only what we mentioned will be achieved, but it will end up translating into sales, brand awareness, improved engagement.

Large companies such as Starbucks, Reebok, Zappos, Dell, Electronic Arts and many others have already used employee advocacy programs.

How can employees be invited or encouraged to become brand ambassadors?

Through these brand ambassadors we are not only going to reach more people, but we are going to increase the commitment of the workers by creating a good work environment where people feel more part of it.

But, understandably, it is not only important to feel identified with the company’s values and to feel part of it. To get the commitment of the workers, it is important that we help by giving away certain incentives, which will make them participate more actively in these actions.

Some companies use successful incentives such as theatre tickets, cinema, concerts or even an extra day off.

There are tools like ours, Social Reacher, which generates exchangeable points to obtain these benefits, which are obtained by the number and value of publications that the company proposes and the employee decides to share in RRSS. Large companies such as: Leroy Merlin, Porsche, Adidas, Yellow Pages or Yves Rocher, are already using it to facilitate and measure the success of employee advocacy.

You would have to determine the KPIs to measure the result and know what is working or not in your strategy, and this depends on what each brand gives it. Here are some possible KPIs:

  • Interactions and engagement of publications in social networks.
  • Traffic to the website.
  • Leads / conversions.
  • Number of employees who have registered
  • Average employee participation

And you, have you tried the benefits of this type of platform? If not, we invite you to try it, do not hesitate to request a demo with us to learn how it works.

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