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Employee Advocacy, the new trend in communication

Did you know that your collaborators can be your brand ambassadors?

Today the concept of Employee Advocacy is on the rise. This marketing strategy, using employee recommendations, is increasingly generating stronger brand reputations for companies’ social networks.

In the past, if companies transmitted information to customers about how good and incredible their products or services were,  now the power lies in the messages that the brand ambassadors transmit, since it carries with it  greater value and trust.

Taking advantage of the potential of people who know the brand (employees) even better than the most loyal customers is a great source of strength and it stimulates growth. Committed workers have a significant interest in the success of their organization. They are the ones who can communicate the message and vision of the company most convincingly, and this  contributes to much more than just increased productivity and the bottom line.

The interest generated by the brand’s emissaries will involve the clients in differentiating their company from others. This happens when there is motivation on the part of the company. The positive impact is exponential. The more the content is shared by the employees, the greater the engagement on the part of the client.

If you are wondering what is the best way to empower your employees, there is a very good case study that will help you understand why this new technique of Employee Advocacy is important:

The case of Adobe

Adobe’s Social Shift program is another visionary approach to empower  employees. It offers education and best practices to help employees be the best defenders of the brand.   It puts their skills into practice through experiences in different situations.

Lauren Friedman, director of Global Social Business Enablement & Innovation for Adobe has some very true words to say in defense of her

employees: “We believe that people trust people. People buy from people. Relationships fuel our overall success. “

She also points out and emphasizes that the program works because of the skill of each individual and the encouragement they receive, giving them the space they need to be themselves.

So remember, if you want your company to strengthen its reputation:

  • Maintain honest and transparent corporate communication.
  • Make it easy for all your employees to share their ideas and opinions.
  • Encourage your employees to make decisions and try new things.
  • And incorporate new strategies to help each other.

Remember: “Motivated employees build strong brands”.

Or, if you are on the opposite side, and you are the employees who have no motivation, here are the keys to improving and being yourself. Ask for and offer help! Superheroes work better as a team.

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