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Employee Advocacy: The Power of Employees as Brand Ambassadors [Infograph]

Everyday we spend more and more time on social media and, according to a study by IAB, we spend an average of two and a half hours per day.  So it’s no surprise that brands would also use social media as part of their marketing strategies.  And most brands want to engage their employees.  Why?  Because who knows the company better than their own employees.

Employee Advocacy plays an increasingly important role in companies.  The U.S. has been a pioneer among major brands already using employee advocacy in their communication strategies.  And its influence will continue to increase in the coming years.

But….. What is Employee Advocacy?

It’s a program that engages employees, having them promote the company and transmit its culture and the values of its brand using their personal social media accounts.

Keeping in mind that many people today have more than 8 active accounts on social media, this means they have a considerable impact,   even greater than corporate accounts.     This is something that organizations should take advantage of.  Nothing is more credible than  someone who knows the company from the inside and who voluntarily wants to share their pride of belonging and their passion for the company.

All of this translates into a greater reach for company communications and a greater level of influence among the hundreds of contacts that their employees have.

Why does it work?

  • Communicating corporate messages through their employees’ social media accounts lets the company connect with new audiences.
  • Employees have 10 times more social connections than a brand. Promotion by employees on social media increases the visibility of the brand.
  • Consumers give more credibility to brand content when it’s shared by family, friends and other contacts on social media, than they give to traditional digital advertising.

Consumers definitely respond much more favorably to content which is shared by friends and family than traditional digital advertising or corporate communications launched by the brand.

In the Infograph, we show the how and why of Employee Advocacy, using a summary of the benefits generated both for the brand and for the employees.



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