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Differences between brand ambassador and brand lover

Through brand ambassadors we can enhance our branding strategy. This will also help to generate what is known as Brand lovers.

We explain the differences below.

What is a brand ambassador?

Basically a brand ambassador is the representation of a brand through a person in different channels.

Today this term has become more widely known by social networks. These platforms are where more content is distributed agreed by companies and people representing these brands.

The first thing to know is the great importance of this person and the role he or she will play for the company, as they will transmit information to their target audience.

This brand ambassador will be able to bring values closer to the company’s target audience through content on different social networks. In this way, the credibility of the values increases among the circle of followers of the brand ambassador, much more than if it were communicated by the brand itself.

In this sense, employee advocacy tools allow companies to convey their messages through the best incfluencers of their brand, such as a company’s own employees.

Types of brand ambassadors

Internal brand ambassadors
It is when an employee or someone belonging to the brand represents it by making known the values, messages or even their products or services generating confidence due to their level of commitment to it and reflects what it brings in life to the brand ambassador.

External brand ambassadors
It is when someone outside the brand talks about it because it simply shares the values or mission of the company and decides to share it with their followers or circle of influence.

What is a brand lover?

Brand lovers are those who always choose the brand without asking any other question. They already had it in their head, and they like it. In other words, people who cannot do without the products, services or values inspired by a brand.

This type of people are another type of ambassadors, since they will also spread the different messages of the company. For this reason, it is very important to take care of the relationship you have with these types of customers in order to build loyalty and generate more unconditional followers.

In order for our fans to go one step further and become brand lovers, we need a good branding strategy and also good communication through different platforms, such as social networks, which are essential nowadays.

It would be necessary to take into account factors such as:

That communication is emotional and that the message conveys.
That the message is revealing and inspirational.
That the user is not aware of the feeling of purchase.
That creates a need for the user.
These are the factors that most characterize brand ambassadors and the key factors to take into account in communication and a digital marketing strategy.

We hope it helped!


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