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Why should CEOS be and communicate on Twitter?

Twitter is the largest microblogging social network of this decade. It has more than 500 million users, generates 65 million tweets a day and more than 800,000 search requests a day. It is a space for all kinds of exchange of conversations and information from all sectors.

Through this network, news of companies, marketing, leadership, etc. are known daily. And there are many advantages offered by the network, to manage a communication aimed at customers and potential customers.  In addition, 57% of internet users think that when a CEO publishes his content on Twitter it is aimed at everyone, including those who are not on the platform.

It is an innovative communication channel, full of potential and increasingly used by all kinds of audiences.

Advantages of having a Twitter profile if you are CEO

– Communication: Allows you to strengthen ties with customers, be informed at all times of the activity of your company and the most relevant news of the sector and the world.

– Branding: is a channel to expose, publicize and build your brand image. It helps you achieve a good web positioning for your brand to grow progressively and improve the community of followers.

– Marketing: this network allows you to get very quick feedback about the initiatives that the company launches. From the launch of a product or service, specific campaigns, to surveys in real time to users. In case the users of the network are participative and prescriptive, so a message can have great impact. The feedback obtained will allow to know the perception of customers and users of the brand or company in the network.

– Monitoring: measuring the results of social network strategies is fundamental. Twitter is a perfect platform for this, it is simple and lets you see the results of the campaigns carried out, the cost, the impact or followers of each tweet and shared content.

– Customer service channel: this is a channel for listening to and attending to complaints, suggestions or comments from customers, keeping them loyal and capturing new ones (these are on Twitter 24 hours a day).

– Research: we can search for users related to your product/brand/service and involve them in a focus group or product testing.

– Crowdsourcing: in order to get to know and learn from our community, we will encourage their participation through the network so that they can contribute ideas, service improvements, etc.

– Networking: the platform helps to create links with influencers users who can help you viralize your messages or establish commercial synergies with suppliers, customers, etc..

Twitter statistics about CEO

According to Twitter audience data, platform users have a greater interest in being informed about CEOs (+21% vs. online media) and almost 1 in 3 Twitter users already follow the account of a CEO.

It is important to remember that for a CEO it is advisable to use Twitter because it helps to improve the image of your company and your own.

It is also important to keep in mind that the prescribers are the same network of people who make up your company, they themselves have a perception that will help the reputation of it, so it is important to remember that according to Twitter data for 2 out of every 3 Internet users is important that a CEO has an account on Twitter and the percentage rises to 77% among users who already use the platform. Don’t forget it. Your employees are your brand influencers.

The CEOs who use Twitter are seen with good eyes, they are considered technological people, modern, open and close to the comments of their community. And this feedback action means a higher level of trust regardless of the characteristics of the company.

Twitter statistics state that for 39% of Internet users in Spain it is important that a CEO publishes daily on Twitter. This percentage rises to 45% when it comes to crisis situations. During this type of situation, it is important that CEOs speak on behalf of their company (this is indicated by 71% of the online population) and Twitter is considered the main social network to do so.

Two out of three users consider that Twitter is more or equally important for a CEO to use when he has some kind of communication, rather than being interviewed in a newspaper or talk on TV. In addition, 64% of users think that being active on Twitter “humanizes” a CEO.

Counting the company’s vision, goals and objectives through the platform is important and there are many users who expect it to be done through the network (the majority 77%) Also who interact with customers or potential customers (76%) or disseminate news or announcements quickly (69%). In this sense, Twitter is considered as a platform relevant for CEOs to react to real-time news.

Sharing job offers, studies, interesting sector news… is relevant to your audience and sector.

With all this relevant data and you still have doubts that it is important that you are on Twitter if you are CEO? Remember it is important to be part of this community, be yourself, be free to express your opinion always bearing in mind your strategy and do not forget that your community is the one that will help you to be known to you and your company.

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