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Brand Image: How your employees influence your brand

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Companies not only have to be what they say they are, but also look like what they say they are. The brand image, or the elements that represent a company, can mean life or death for a company. To face crisis situations or to take advantage of the draw of your image (like Apple), you have to establish a good branding strategy.

Emotions are what move people the most. Brand image helps create an emotional bond with the consumer.

From the first logo to the Facebook Ad campaigns, you must be very clear about the brand image and the values ​​that you want to show.

Throughout all your communications, designs and campaigns, the visual identity must represent your company. What you are and what you do. With hard work and time, that brand image can become something recognizable and it can make people trust you automatically.

It must be homogeneous and coherent within itself. Do not create a campaign with your brand’s mascots complaining that it’s Monday, and then display a creative post with them being very happy that it’s Monday.

Behind a few colors or a simple graph there can be a lot, which again depends on many other factors: The brand identity.


How your employees influence the brand image

Your employees, especially if your company is facing the public, represent your brand as much as your logo.

Employee branding begins externally and depends on the uniforms or appearance you want your employees to have. They represent your brand, especially if your company is facing the public. You do not want the first impression to be bad.

After that first impression, then comes the contact. Through the services the employees provide, customers will establish a brand identity in their head and associate it with the branding you have tried to communicate. Have you treated me with a smile and in a professional manner? Do you believe in what you do and what you sell?

By contrast, imagine the scandal if high level employees of Samsung were discovered to be using Xiaomi phones.  

This can be resolved through an appropriate corporate culture. When a new employee joins the company, it’s necessary to dedicate the necessary time to transmit those values ​​that you want represented through the branding that has cost you so much to develop.

But the corporate culture is something that you breathe, not just something that stays back at the beginning of the employee’s experience. You must continue to invest in it and make sure that your employees WANT to be part of it and share it, whether in their day to day through their personal social networks, or through our SocialReacher platform.

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