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Brand Ambassadors: The key to a brand’s success


What’s behind the term “brand ambassador”?   Some of you may already know, others may not.  A Brand Ambassador is what we call the ambassador for the brand, a marketing model which uses people with credibility in order to give greater visibility to the brand’s services or products and, above all, to its image.   The figure of the Brand Ambassador has a very important role to play in any marketing strategy because they bring the value, credibility and trust necessary to promote the brand.

You need to know the difference between influencers, defenders of the brand (advocates), the consumers themselves, celebrities, and Brand Ambassadors.  They are similar elements within a marketing strategy, with a single objective in common:  to promote the brand.  The figure of the Brand Ambassador holds and plays a very important role in representing the brand.  The Brand Ambassador personifies the corporate values of the company.

The Brand Ambassador is only concerned with promoting and defending the values of the brand and is, therefore, a figure which complements the brand’s strategy.     The objective in having a Brand Ambassador is to try to increase the consumer’s trust in the brand, so that they ultimately feel identified with the brand.

The Brand Ambassador doesn’t recommend anything that they haven’t previously tried or that they don’t like or that doesn’t fit within their personal philosophy.  That’s why they make the best “salespeople” for the brand.

The term “Brand Ambassador” is very closely linked with celebrities, but it doesn’t have to be.  There are other people who can become even more powerful.  Their value is much greater than that of a celebrity influencer, who has no emotional connection with the brand.

What are the Brand Ambassador’s main roles?

The main characteristic of a Brand Ambassador is their credibility.  As we pointed out earlier, this is very important since their role is to be a reference point, to bring recognition and authority.

Because of this, they can take on the very values of the brand, since they feel so closely identified with it, both with the brand’s philosophy as well as with its quality.  Transmitting this type of emotion to the user will awaken in them a feeling of empathy towards that brand.

The Brand Ambassadors have a positive attitude around the project and its positioning.  And in order for the strategy to be successful, they must be able to provide leadership, and create emotions around the brand.

The company should identify, activate, and take care of their Brand Ambassadors, so that this loyalty will continue and will generate the quality content which benefits the brand’s image.

The Brand Ambassador definitely represents and carries the flag for the values of a brand, bringing credibility and a proximity to that pubic which is the brand’s  target audience.

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