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The 10 Best Ways to Motivate Employees

Finding people with talent and creativity is relatively easy nowadays. But the real challenge is to make sure they stay, especially today where most companies have several generations all working together in one place.

While money and earnings are important, and even one of the factors that may motivate people the most, what else has to happen to motivate people at work? And what needs to happen so they will give 110%? Especially when many studies show that the vast majority of employees are not emotionally committed to the company they work for.

Motivating employees is the new challenge for companies

There are many key tactics designed to keep employees motivated, whether over the long-term period or perhaps if one day they might want to return to the company. But we also have to take into account the generation to which each person belongs and the different motivations for each group.

The 10 best ways to motivate employees:

  1. Make the company a pleasant place to be

The work area is fundamental for the employee and for his mental health. Having a comfortable, well-lit space, with good ventilation, that’s clean and safe, with spaces for meetings and private conversations (rest or recreational areas) where people can interact, share and collaborate, will help employees be more creative and productive, which will translate into increased productivity for the company.

Making sure that everything works and that the equipment is up-to-date and running properly is also important.

To help build teamwork skills within the company, it is recommended that “Team Building” activities be held. Team spirit can be reinforced through games, with monthly or quarterly sessions of a couple of hours each, and by having any necessary resources available. The objective of these activities will encompass everything from just group fun to identifying and resolving latent conflicts that may exist within the company.

  1. Be a respectful, honest and understanding manager

This may be obvious, but poor management is one of the main reasons why employees run for the exits. Things like respect, honesty, support, and transparent communication are fundamental basics. But there is much more you can do to be a great leader and mentor. If you are new to this topic, it is worth reading some books on the subject: leadership lessons and effective management, like any other skill, require knowledge and practice. As a starting point, check out Amazon’s bestselling books on Leadership and Management. And don’t forget that if you’re a good boss and a good worker, your employees will be more loyal.

  1. Offer incentives to employees

People will stay in the company if they have a reason to do so. Therefore, keeping good people and keeping them motivated is definitely worth the effort. An incentive program is a good start! Salary incentives: for example, commissions for sales goals achieved or for the acquisition of new clients.

Some other examples of incentives would be offering quality health insurance, among other things. On the other hand, non-salary incentives, those that do not have any economic translation but that directly affect the well-being of the worker, might be an improved work schedule, more vacation days, or job flexibility with telecommuting.

  1. Space to grow and professional training to continue learning

If the company is growing rapidly, it is essential to give employees space to grow within the company. This is very encouraging for them, as well as motivating. As a psychological factor, it is key that they feel the company has confidence in them and respects their work.

If the company diversifies and the departments grow, it is important to know which employees will perform better in the new positions.

In the case where a number of them could be candidates for the new position, helping them with courses to improve their skills and offering them opportunities for growth are key. This will change their thinking from “it’s a passing job” to “this job is right for me.”

  1. Share positive messages

It’s great to feel fulfilled in your work. In fact, it is one of the key factors in job satisfaction. Job satisfaction can come from many places, from making the perfect cup of coffee to saving a kitten in danger. If customers express appreciation for the work performed, it is important to share these positive and encouraging comments with employees during meetings. Letting them know that they made someone’s day will help them be more productive and feel a deeper connection with the business. 

  1. Be transparent

It is important to share the figures and achievements of the team. Share data with them regularly, which will help their motivation.

Weekly or monthly sales reports are one example, or letting them know the number of new customers at the company. Having access to all that information not only makes employees feel that they are an important part of the company, but it also helps them identify areas where things could be improved.

  1. Offer flexibility

Technology has changed the way companies operate and the way we work, or the way we could work. If employees are connected outside of work via email on their phones, or often finish projects at home, it is reasonable for them to want to have similar flexibility from the company.

In a Forbes study, 46% of respondents said that flexibility is the most important factor when looking for work. Therefore, whether it’s the opportunity to work from home or a flexible schedule, offering options for employees to schedule their work hours will motivate them and attract the best talent.
el 46% de los encuestados dijo que la flexibilidad es el factor más importante cuando se busca trabajo. Por lo tanto, ya sea que se trate de y una oportunidad de trabajo desde casa o tiempo flexible, ofrecer opciones de programarte el trabajo harán que los empleados estén motivados y atraerás a los mejores talentos.

  1. Offer food or a kitchen area

Is food the key to motivation? Many people think this is nonsense, but it definitely is not. Food makes us all of us happy.

Obviously, it’s not quite as simple as that: employees must also be reasonably satisfied with their work. However, food does make an undeniable difference.

In fact, there are findings that prove this. Having a common area where employees can relax and enjoy some snacks as a team helps people feel more valued. And it’s attractive even for those who can’t enjoy the common area because they have to be out of the office. The area lets employees know it’s ok to relax and enjoy some time away from their desks with their colleagues.

  1. Recognize achievements

Sometimes what people want is recognition for a job well done. If an employee has invested a lot of time in a project, or has made an extra effort to help a colleague, don’t hesitate to praise them.

It’s not only the recognition, but the principle: if people feel that their effort is appreciated, they will feel obliged to continue working hard. Employees whose achievements have been recognized experience higher levels of enjoyment of the work they perform.

Keeping employees motivated, especially in difficult times, is an important part of business success.

  1. Ask them what they want and need

Instead of trying to guess what is most important to the employees, actually sit down with them and discover what it is they value. Simple, right? Doing the unexpected and what’s logical and close by can be the best thing you can do for the employees and the company.

I hope these key principles will be put into practice and will help motivate many more employees. This will help employees to become brand ambassadors for the company, which will improve both the internal and external reputation of the company. #EmployeeAdvocacy

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