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8 Facts About Why You Should Adopt An Employee Advocacy Program

Have you heard of Employee Advocacy? Do you have some doubts about whether your company should adopt an Employee Advocacy program, letting your employees become your brand ambassadors? Maybe these numbers will help you decide.

Salespeople who use social media as a sales tool outperform their peers by 78%

Additionally, when it came to exceeding their sales quota, the social media users were 23% more successful than the rest of the sales agents. Despite this success, half of those who use social media networks say that they only spend 10% of their time selling on social media.

The reach of the brand’s messages increases by 561% when they are shared by employees

This shows the importance of adopting an Employee Advocacy program. To do this, you need a platform that facilitates it, such as SocialReacher, and the right corporate culture. Without it, the employees will not collaborate and you won’t be able to take advantage of their full communication potential.

77% of buyers would give preference to a company whose CEO uses social media

Additionally, for an Employee Advocacy program to be successful, it should  be adopted by all the employees and collaborators, regardless of their position in the company. The CEO should be the example if he/she wants the employees to talk about the company on their own social networks.

Employees on average have 10 times more connections on their social media networks than companies have

In addition, employees give a unique touch of authenticity to their messages. It’s obvious that the company will speak well about what it does, but if the workers themselves defend and support what the company does,  users will give more credibility to that message.

Brand messages are shared 24 times more frequently when they are shared by employees

The authenticity of the brand ambassadors results in much more interaction with their messages.  

33% of buyers trust what the brand says. 90% trust the recommendations of people they know

The people close to you that you trust are what most influences your buying decisions. If someone goes to the movies, the deciding factor is an acquaintance who said the movie is very good, rather than a review in the  newspaper.

92% of the followers of your employees on Twitter are new to the brand

The communities of the employees will have similar interests and tastes, so it’s natural that if they share a message on social media, their followers will be interested in it.

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