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Tips to plan your social media strategy

Nowadays social networks play a fundamental role in the dissemination of information of products and services and they have become the main allies of brands. Each social network is a world and you must have a strategy planned for each of them, which will allow you to get your message to the right audience in the most effective way.

Through social networks you can achieve brand recognition, retain your followers, improve your engagement rate, make new products or services known and position your brand in the market. However, in order to be effective on social networks, it is necessary to create a strategy that supports all the information that will be broadcast. That is why there are a number of aspects that must be considered:

Where do you want to go and what is your goal?

You must establish the agents who will receive the communication, that is, your target. This is a fundamental step, since based on that you will make the decision of which social networks will be used. Remember that your target goes beyond the consumers to whom you usually offer your products, you must include other actors that are fundamental in the transmission of information, such as journalists, editors, and the media.

Likewise, it is recommended to establish a schedule with a short, medium and long-term plan of what is sought to be achieved through social networks.

Define the steps to reach that goal

A good management of social networks can make your brand achieve the desired positioning. But in order to achieve that, different pathways and tools must be established to further boost your brand. Likewise, prior to making content, you must have an idea of ​​the message that will define your brand, as well as the tone of it. Develop a message that talks about your brand and make it look interesting.

In the strategy, it is recommended to carry out a market study and assess what the competition is doing and how you can make a different impact.

The strategy you develop on social networks will depend on the needs your brand has at a certain time. That is why you should define what stage your business is in to see if the established strategy is in accordance with what you are looking to achieve at that stage. That is, if you are a new brand and you are looking to start making yourself known, you should use a creative and striking message that allows the consumer to identify you. Use other resources as influencers or create your Brand ambassadors community.

Decide the channels and plan your content

Once you have your target and your goals defined, it will be clearer which are the most appropriate channels for your messages. In this part, you must take into account that each social network works differently, so your message must be adjusted for each of them.

Also, you must bear in mind that not only the message must be adjusted, but its tone and the use of certain elements that reinforce the message.

For example, on Twitter it is recommended that many emojis and hashtags are used to make your message more visual and viral. In other networks such as Instagram and Facebook, the use of a closer and more striking language is recommended, complementing it with audiovisual elements and emojis.

On the other hand, if what you are looking for through your communication is to attract customers in the B2B sector, networks like Linkedin is a good channel to announce your brand, but this one is characterized by having a more formal and corporate language, so your message must adapt to this.

Be creative

Beyond all the aspects previously mentioned, you must take into account that the creative component will always be the factor that will distinguish you from your competition and, above all, it will make your customers remember you. That is why, you must create content that not only identifies the values ​​of your brand, but also makes you look interesting. Always leaving room for creativity and imagination.

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